Why GumLeafGreen

What differentiates GumLeafGreen

What differentiates GumLeafGreen services is Sue Tomat’s approach, which is based on three core principles:

  • Her clients’ success, and in many cases their survival, depends on their ability to empathise with, and genuinely respond to the changing needs of, their clients and staff. This often means departing from entrenched and traditional approaches.
  • Change and innovation are only embraced if the case for change and innovation is clear, logical, substantiated, measurable and compelling.
  • Skills can only be refined by doing, not merely talking about doing. Ongoing practical application and coaching is essential.

Sue challenges her clients to:

  • examine their own approaches to communicating
  • embrace changes that will give them a genuine competitive edge, better manage their risks and enable them to deepen their relationships with their own clients and staff
  • commit to refining the skills needed to drive the changes.

Other key reasons for choosing GumLeafGreen

Here are three other important reasons for choosing GumLeafGreen:

  • Sue only brings genuine expertise to her clients. She only accepts assignments where she can add value because of her expertise, first-hand knowledge of an industry, or both. If Sue lacks necessary expertise or industry knowledge, she recommends one of her trusted associates.
  • Every solution Sue delivers is genuinely customised to meet a client’s unique needs. She customises all training programs after comprehensively researching her clients’ needs. This approach significantly increases the probability of her services meeting those needs.
  • Sue is personally accountable for all GumLeafGreen services.  Clients are assured of receiving the highest quality services from Sue and her trusted associates.