Sue Tomat’s profile


Over the last 22 years, Sue Tomat has specialised in helping her clients:

  • think clearly and empathically
  • become more effective and efficient written and oral communicators.

She has developed an extensive client base across the globe. This exposure enables her to share knowledge about:

  • international trends in excellent communication
  • innovative and efficient approaches being taken.

Key values

Sue’s values require her to think and act empathically, independently and rationally. She courageously speaks and explains her truth, even in the face of dissent or pressure to conform.  She also keeps her mind open to changing realities and their implications. This is why her clients trust her and choose to collaborate with her.

Galileo Galilei has been her muse since her early childhood.

Thought leadership

Sue’s values compel her to share monthly posts on LinkedIn that:

  • challenge common and well-entrenched delusions and illusions
  • encourage everyone to realise how collaborating underpins resilience and success at and outside work
  • show how humorous words and images can be powerful and efficient communication tools.

Key strength

Written communication is one of Sue’s key strengths. She has developed a niche in training and consulting in writing over the last 22 years.

Sue delivers training on business writing to help clients:

  • think clearly before they write
  • produce excellent business documents that are fit-for-purpose
  • improve their writing and editing efficiency.

She consults to clients to develop or refine templates, including:

  • board and executive papers of many publicly listed companies
  • managerial reports
  • policy and compliance documents
  • public-sector briefing notes.

Other areas of focus

Sue also focuses on designing and delivering training programs to refine other communication skills. More detail appears on the Services page.

In 2018, Sue began an exciting collaboration with Forage to create a virtual internship. Its aim is to help students build the skills and confidence to become job ready and future-proof their careers.

Career history

In 2000, Sue moved from the legal profession into communication consulting and training.  She worked for a boutique consulting company before founding Paragon Associates in 2002. In 2012, she relaunched her business under the GumLeafGreen brand.

Sue has 12 years’ experience as a commercial lawyer in Australia:

  • beginning her career as a lawyer in Australian law firm, Clayton Utz
  • helping the Queensland Government implement its corporatisation agenda and other related reforms
  • drafting legislation for the Queensland Parliament, where she honed her expertise in plain language
  • acting as the assistant company secretary of Marsh Pty Ltd, the Australian operation of the Marsh & McLennan Group, the world’s largest insurance broking organisation.

Qualifications and awards

Sue holds an honours degree in law from the Queensland University of Technology.

In 1998, the Australia Day Council gave Sue an achievement award for the work she did for the Queensland Government.