Global investment bank

Thank you for opening my eyes up to the concept of using simple vocabulary to maximise the effectiveness of my communication. In the time I was there, I learnt more in 90 minutes than I usually would in 3 hours. Ironically, while law is meant to improve my written and verbal communication skills, it has actually made them extremely inefficient. This is what I promptly realised at the seminar’s conclusion.

It is very rare that I come across someone with the ability to instantly create rapport with such a diverse range of people, while at the same time, being so natural in the way they communicate. I have always advocated the skills of rapport-building and effective communication as being the two most important factors to someone’s future success and I genuinely think you have mastered both of these skills.

I have been trying to immediately implement the skills you taught us at the workshop but I am instinctively falling back in to a style of communication characterised by complicated and flowery language (as you can probably tell from this email). With time, I hope to reach your level of proficiency in verbal and written communication.

Once again, I want to thank you for such an enjoyable workshop and for highlighting the fact that over-complicated vocabulary is more of a sign of ‘insecurity’ than it is intelligence.