Published in July 2021 by the Association of Corporate Counsel

Interviewer: So if we think ten years back to your first day in the current role while acknowledging that you were already working for Westpac, what advice would you have given yourself on that first day? Rebecca Lim: A couple of things. The first is a lesson that I learned through an external partner, Sue … Continued

Pastoral enterprise wholly owned by an international investment bank

Definitely the best pack we have ever produced and the Board were very complimentary on how it came forward.

Australian home building company

Thank you – thank you – thank you !! I’m just starting my board report this very minute. I did make notes this morning but this is better. Thank you for your guidance.

Major bank’s wealth management business

Thank you for your efforts in running this training for the business. Your clarity, energy and knowledge on this has been fantastic. The fact that you made the effort to workshop an actual paper really hit the mark for us. Thanks for what you do.