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In the words of the great Greek philosopher, Sophocles, 'One must learn by doing the thing; for though you think you know it, you have no certainty until you try.'

GumLeafGreen embraces this philosophy and ensures all of its training programs are practical, interactive and give participants the opportunity to apply what is learned.

GumLeafGreen training programs are also genuinely customised so they deliver a much higher return on investment through greater relevance and buy-in.

A client's needs and budget are always the starting points for agreeing the:

  • extent to which a training program is customised
  • structure of a training program (this can vary from a group workshop with post-workshop follow-up for each participant to one-on-one coaching).


Follow the links to find out more about the target participants for each GumLeamGreen core training program.


Leading, managing and influencing others

Personal effectiveness and resilience



Client and customer service