About GumLeafGreen

What is GumLeafGreen

GumLeafGreen helps enhance the success and resilience of individuals, and the businesses they are part of, through excellent and efficient communication.

Through innovative training programs and consulting services, GumLeafGreen has developed a client base in a wide range of industries in Australia, New Zealand and throughout Asia.

GumLeafGreen brand story

Businesses are like trees in some ways.  Gum trees, among the most resilient trees on earth, are like the most resilient and successful businesses.

The root system, a business’s technical expertise, is its solid foundation. This remains mostly underground and unseen. We assume it is there.

All we see of the tree is what is above ground. All we see of a business is what it communicates to us through its people, products, services and marketing.

GumLeafGreen helps clients to communicate with excellence to become even more successful and resilient.

'Eucalyptus is not only the universal Australian, it is the ideal Australian-versatile, tough, sardonic, contrary, self-mocking, with a deceptive complexity amid the appearance of massive homogeneity; an occupier of disturbed environment; a fire creature.'

Stephen Pine

Burning Bush: A Fire History of Australia